Guess Who's Back?

Thank you eminem, for that wonderful intro.
HELLO. It has been way to long, and I'd first like to apologize for neglecting my precious little blog.
You've been there for me since the sixth grade, and I have been no friend to you at all.

Yes, the summer is over. Fall is coming quickly, and I cannot believe how fast these last three months went. With out being too dramatic I'll just tell you here and now that

I had a formal conversation with Harry Styles this summer.
Yeah, Im over it.

(just kidding im not, i think about it every day of my life)

I love my life currently, and the people in it. Look forward to more posts from me, because I am BACK on that blogging grind.

Ill leave you with this picture snapped the moment me & hazlan crossed paths.

love you ALL!


one of those kids

im a tumblr fiend now, and i should be back to blogging soon.
dont give up on me, please.
Sincerely yours.
The breakfast club ( i had to )



happy easter every bunny

I generally really like Easter, for more reasons than one. Bunnies are cute, and in my opinion under rated. (Honestly dont know what everyone sees in cats and sloths.) This holiday strengthens my testimony each year, and thats the best kind of celebration we could ask for.

I do worship chocolate bunnies, and you do too, its fine.
Getting pretty is also fun and totally necessary, and its nice and sunny outside.
(10 points to Utah for that one!)

Have a lovely day, and remember that our savior lives.


The nonsense of the night

We were talking about god given gifts in seminary the other day.
While some are child prodigy's like my five year old sister, mary.. Some are like me.
Some people make cookies in their free time, or do good for others. (Maddie Madsen, Kami Reiser)
Some people are spending their time perfecting their gift.
I guess im really good at One Direction facts.
*contemplates life, returns to youtube*

In other unrelated news, I listen to this song the majority of my day, because its sweater weather around here. you know you just cringed a little when you realized it was snowing outside.

Maybe thats my gift! Contrary to popular belief, I actually have a good music taste.
Maybe I'll write a post on that sometime.


Oh be still our beating hearts.

I am sorry the blog has been neglected. I decided to be a sun worshiper the last couple of weeks.
I headed down to the great land of St. George Utah for the past two weekends, since baseball is religion around here.

But i'll tell you up front. this is not your typical white girl "sunshine tournament" blog post.

We decided to head down to the land of red rock, on the slight chance that our good friend, THE SUN would pay us a visit. Mother Nature is a straight up bizznatch and rained the whole weekend. Its a good thing I know the game of baseball just as well as I know Louis Tomlinson facts. Because I didn't mind as much as half the girls who only came down to get a good Instagram picture and look at boys in baseball pants.

(I told you, this is going to be a little out there.)

Several significant things happened while we were in the land before time. We kidnapped a barefooted stranger on the side of the road and forced him to show us a good place to eat. I proceeded to force him OUT of the car when he told me that "Thrift Shop was Macklemores only good song."

(I felt sympathy on him when he told me with tearful eyes that he was a returned missionary who hasn't caught up with the music lately. Oops. Sorry bud.)

I lived the life of the rich and famous, when we stayed in the Kardashian mansion.
We lived the life of the hipsters and went thrift shopping. ( I felt awkward and uncomfortable, but in the spirit of our main man macklemore being in town, we had to do him justice.)
And I should probably mention that I almost met Macklemore. Almost.

But best of all, I met the love of my life. Tanner Manscill.
I imagine it was some act of fate that brought the twitter homies together in the land of polygamy.
(that last part was unnecessary)
With a whopping 157 followers, tanner's twitter feed enchanted me. (too far?)
In reality it was a matter of time that we ran into each other.
I admire the kid's wit and charm.
he admires the blog.




Yes, I have my first male reader, and its privileged to be the one and only Tanner Manscill.
I met him after one of the games and he embarrassedly admitted to avidly reading Miss Indypendent
(which sounds more and more gay the more times I say 'miss indypendent') but the fact that tanner the coolest guy EVER reads my blog. *sobs*

I soon admitted to having a One Direction twitter account which none of you saw coming.
And thats something I feel the need to explain.

I co own a twitter account, and I promised Tanner to give him a shout out, since the account is followed by over 200,000 thirteen year old professional fan girls. (I live the exciting life)
This account could very well come back to haunt me in a couple of years.
I see this happening 10 years from now:

Harry: Babe, did you ever have a One Direction twitter account when you were younger?

Indy: uhhhhh why

Harry: Because I was on your phone playing angry birds, and I got a notification from "@SwagmasterFromDoncaster81"







Indy: Soooo..... what level of angry birds you on?

None the less, a shout out is coming soon Tanner. Just be patient. Directioners are vicious humans and quite possibly the deadliest fan base out there. In due time my friend.

  So I feel like when the shout out happens, and 1D, and @TannerWinslow join forces, thats just a world domination waiting to happen. Tanner, you are a quality guy. shout out to you, baby.

The great thing about this picture is tanner looks like a demon, and I look socially unacceptable at all costs. Rock on, I guess.

In the end, St. George, the land of idk man, turned out to be one of the greatest trips of my young life.
if only becca lifted me on her shoulders and let me sneak in macklemore's trailer.


Keep Calm & Cara On

Forget Jennifer Lawrence.


All hail Queen Delevigne.


Your Mom

Mom, I wish all the time that we were a british family so I could call you mum.

But today I was making your movie, and realized how awesome you are.
Its hard because we fight a lot, and were best friends a lot, and I wish we did more of the laughing and talking part of being best friends. No other mom in the world is as cool as you. I really want you to know that.

I received a lot of your traits through out the years.
- We both cry at everything. (Thanks)
-We laugh at everything.
-Im competitive like you.
-I get mad at silly things like you.
-We appreciate little things like, when people ask good questions.

If only someday I could achieve the beauty you radiate.
I love you mom, more than you know.
Happy Birthday.

Blogging err'day

Jumping on the blog bandwagon and doing the march challenge. (I told you Im a fiend for blogging in march.)
So today is march 3, so i'll catch you guys up.

Self Portrait and 5 random facts about yourself.

5 random facts about myself.
1. I love traveling more than anything, and I've never even been out of the country.
2. Im a professional speed stacker.
3. I am highly obsessed with lighting.
Lighting, as in the lighting of the room, the lighting of the sky, the lighting of the streets at night.
I love light.
4. Oh. And I love night. I sleep all day so when I wake up its night, and all is well.
5. I take a nap every sunday. I also love sundays.
(Im unorganized as well.)

DAY 2 

DAY 3 
What makes me happy?
Too easy.
Considering it is my sweet mothers birthday.

I love you mom. you make me happy every day.


Hello my name is

Every march I get into this unnecessary mood for blogging. I need to blog every day, I need the flyest blog headers, and I need validation. Its an annual thing, yeah. No one really knows why. But I welcome it with open arms, because it is extremely refreshing. 

So it's only fair to give new readers an introduction to my super-cool-way-chill-really-dope-holla-tastic-

First, I should probably tell you im from the ghetto. ^^ (I thought it was obvious, but you never know.)

My name is India Blue Severe, and you bet your bottom dollar thats the best name you'll ever hear in your life. Im not prideful at all.

People call me Indy. If you want to be on good terms with me, you can sing "Indie Rock and Roll" by the killers when you meet me, because its golden, and he says my name too many times. Its great.

Oh. I love the killers. LOVE THE KILLERS.
*Its a band.*
(I figure you are all familiar with Brandon and the gang, but you know, as a blogger I feel the need to write to all people. Even the musically uneducated.)

But back to my name. I am waiting as long as possible to get married for many reasons.
One of them being to travel the world, the other being the fact that my last name rocks.

I was always jealous of the kids with nicknames, and key chain letter names.
(No one spells Indy on a coffee mug.)
However this last year has brought new friends and new nick names.
There are few things I love more than nick names.

Sarah calls me "Indra" (we dont know why.)
Hailey calls me "Indigo"
My cousins Hallie & Lauren call me "Ind" and it sounds just as awkward as it looks.
But I love it.
Tanner Melville calls me "Inds" or "Odds and Ends"
Rebeck calls me "Svev" or "India" (its a classic.)
My speed stacking team chose the name "Swervere" and its brilliance in word form.
If you have a twitter, you most definitely know me as "itsindysev"
Tiff refers to me as "INDAAAAAYYYYY" Every time.
My family and close friends call me "Indy Blue"
and the boys call me "indelicious."
(I wish I were kidding.)

I was born on the numerically brilliant day of June 18. (say it out loud. June Eighteenth. Its beautiful.)
I share my birthday with Sir Paul Mcartney, which sparked my love for The Beatles since birth.
If you dont know this by now, I sort of have a thing for british boy bands.

I have danced with Tristen Eady since we were little ones, and I picked up cheerleading along the way. I love watching sports more than the average fifteen year old girl, and spend my summers at the ballpark. I love summer, and winter, and fall, and spring. I find joy in every season, and picking favorites stresses me out. I fiend for autumn though.

I am an anti hipster, though if you really know me, it turns out I am the biggest hipster of all.

Last but not least, my life is devoted to one direction entirely, and someday I will find a way to make money off of that.
Happy March!