i love you 10.

I really love these blog parties where everyone steals from each other. But I also hate to use the term "stealing". I prefer using something more soft like, "borrow".
It reminds me of a kid in my math class who asked me if he could "borrow" my answer. It's okay. He gave it back.

I "borrowed" this post from Alexis Anne. Feel free to borrow it from me too. Think of it as were cute neighbors and your borrowing a cup of sugar.

I like to call it, TEN THINGS.

10. Favorite Places to be:
in no particular order.
  1. disneyland. Walkin' on main street. No better feeling. (read no. 5)
  2. in the bubble bath. It gives me time to vent.
  3. in my bed. Even though its as hard as pavement, I love to sleep, and my Ikea blanket totally makes me forget the back pains i'll be receiving in the morning. Almost.
  4. Laguna Beach. Or any given beach on any given day.
  5. Simply anywhere in California. Im seriously planning on living my life as a disney princess.
  6. Jive Studio.
  7. Covey Center. i will be returning this week. Stoked to the 10th power.
  8. Fatties. You kinda had to be there.
  9. In the air. wether its tumbling. jumping, flying, riding roller coasters, or skydiving, I love being above ground.
  10. Lindsay Savage's house. You would too. Its almost as good as disneyworld.

9. weird things about me.

  1. I can eat almost anything.
  2. I am really flexible.
  3. My arm is double jointed and can twist it in three circles.
  4. I have two fake teeth, and I often hear the kids who can't speak english call me Vampiro! Vampiro!
  5. Mario is my homeboy, and i OWN at mario kart.
  6. This is my eleventh year of dancing.
  7. I cry at disney channel movies.
  8. I know unusual facts about the biebs that most people don't. quiz me.
  9. my middle name is a popular primary color.

8. things i am going to do this summer.
  1. tan, tan, tan.
  2. work on my solo with kami.
  3. attend concerts.
  4. seven peaks everyday baby.
  5. have a birthday.
  6. celebrate one year in my new house.
  7. try every flavor at Hawaiian Ice.
  8. party at tristen's pool.

7. things i am thinking of.

  1. So you think you can dance.
  2. high school musical.
  3. zac efron.
  4. more hot guys.
  5. my best friend.
  6. dance concert.
  7. halee pennock.

6. things i am wearing.

  1. a head band that courtney made me.
  2. earrings from forever 21.
  3. sparkles from my dance concert costume.
  4. bare feet.
  5. nail polish. (rare)
  6. smile.
5. things that i am worried about.
  1. spanish test. My A depends on it.
  2. science test. Kill me.
  3. math test. Seriously?
  4. dance concert.
  5. My grandpa in Arkansas and my grand parents in Africa.
4 things on my floor.
  1. purse.
  2. piggy bank.
  3. shopping bags.
  4. my closet (dumped out)

3 things I want to do today.
  1. do my hair.
  2. clean my room.
  3. watch survivor!

2 things I will reveal.

  1. i can sort of rap nicki minaj pretty well. its embarrassing. Im better then taylor swift.
  2. i know way too much celebrity gossip.

1 secret.
1. JB dumped selena for me. Don't tell the press I told you.


  1. I heart you. and i heart your blog.

  2. I'm borrowing your post If you don't mind!

  3. you. me. rap off. Nicki Minaj vs. eminem. :)


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