happy easter every bunny

I generally really like Easter, for more reasons than one. Bunnies are cute, and in my opinion under rated. (Honestly dont know what everyone sees in cats and sloths.) This holiday strengthens my testimony each year, and thats the best kind of celebration we could ask for.

I do worship chocolate bunnies, and you do too, its fine.
Getting pretty is also fun and totally necessary, and its nice and sunny outside.
(10 points to Utah for that one!)

Have a lovely day, and remember that our savior lives.


  1. I love your blog, and just think you're the cutest thing.

  2. this comment is here just because i don't know where else to tell you how cute i think the picture on the right is. it reminds me of summer so i kinda hate you but it also makes me happy because #cuteclothes


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