Guess Who's Back?

Thank you eminem, for that wonderful intro.
HELLO. It has been way to long, and I'd first like to apologize for neglecting my precious little blog.
You've been there for me since the sixth grade, and I have been no friend to you at all.

Yes, the summer is over. Fall is coming quickly, and I cannot believe how fast these last three months went. With out being too dramatic I'll just tell you here and now that

I had a formal conversation with Harry Styles this summer.
Yeah, Im over it.

(just kidding im not, i think about it every day of my life)

I love my life currently, and the people in it. Look forward to more posts from me, because I am BACK on that blogging grind.

Ill leave you with this picture snapped the moment me & hazlan crossed paths.

love you ALL!


  1. that is awesome! You should have kissed him!

  2. you've had this blog since the SIXTH GRADE?! and you've MET harry styles?? can we be best friends?


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