Hello my name is

Every march I get into this unnecessary mood for blogging. I need to blog every day, I need the flyest blog headers, and I need validation. Its an annual thing, yeah. No one really knows why. But I welcome it with open arms, because it is extremely refreshing. 

So it's only fair to give new readers an introduction to my super-cool-way-chill-really-dope-holla-tastic-

First, I should probably tell you im from the ghetto. ^^ (I thought it was obvious, but you never know.)

My name is India Blue Severe, and you bet your bottom dollar thats the best name you'll ever hear in your life. Im not prideful at all.

People call me Indy. If you want to be on good terms with me, you can sing "Indie Rock and Roll" by the killers when you meet me, because its golden, and he says my name too many times. Its great.

Oh. I love the killers. LOVE THE KILLERS.
*Its a band.*
(I figure you are all familiar with Brandon and the gang, but you know, as a blogger I feel the need to write to all people. Even the musically uneducated.)

But back to my name. I am waiting as long as possible to get married for many reasons.
One of them being to travel the world, the other being the fact that my last name rocks.

I was always jealous of the kids with nicknames, and key chain letter names.
(No one spells Indy on a coffee mug.)
However this last year has brought new friends and new nick names.
There are few things I love more than nick names.

Sarah calls me "Indra" (we dont know why.)
Hailey calls me "Indigo"
My cousins Hallie & Lauren call me "Ind" and it sounds just as awkward as it looks.
But I love it.
Tanner Melville calls me "Inds" or "Odds and Ends"
Rebeck calls me "Svev" or "India" (its a classic.)
My speed stacking team chose the name "Swervere" and its brilliance in word form.
If you have a twitter, you most definitely know me as "itsindysev"
Tiff refers to me as "INDAAAAAYYYYY" Every time.
My family and close friends call me "Indy Blue"
and the boys call me "indelicious."
(I wish I were kidding.)

I was born on the numerically brilliant day of June 18. (say it out loud. June Eighteenth. Its beautiful.)
I share my birthday with Sir Paul Mcartney, which sparked my love for The Beatles since birth.
If you dont know this by now, I sort of have a thing for british boy bands.

I have danced with Tristen Eady since we were little ones, and I picked up cheerleading along the way. I love watching sports more than the average fifteen year old girl, and spend my summers at the ballpark. I love summer, and winter, and fall, and spring. I find joy in every season, and picking favorites stresses me out. I fiend for autumn though.

I am an anti hipster, though if you really know me, it turns out I am the biggest hipster of all.

Last but not least, my life is devoted to one direction entirely, and someday I will find a way to make money off of that.
Happy March!

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