Oh be still our beating hearts.

I am sorry the blog has been neglected. I decided to be a sun worshiper the last couple of weeks.
I headed down to the great land of St. George Utah for the past two weekends, since baseball is religion around here.

But i'll tell you up front. this is not your typical white girl "sunshine tournament" blog post.

We decided to head down to the land of red rock, on the slight chance that our good friend, THE SUN would pay us a visit. Mother Nature is a straight up bizznatch and rained the whole weekend. Its a good thing I know the game of baseball just as well as I know Louis Tomlinson facts. Because I didn't mind as much as half the girls who only came down to get a good Instagram picture and look at boys in baseball pants.

(I told you, this is going to be a little out there.)

Several significant things happened while we were in the land before time. We kidnapped a barefooted stranger on the side of the road and forced him to show us a good place to eat. I proceeded to force him OUT of the car when he told me that "Thrift Shop was Macklemores only good song."

(I felt sympathy on him when he told me with tearful eyes that he was a returned missionary who hasn't caught up with the music lately. Oops. Sorry bud.)

I lived the life of the rich and famous, when we stayed in the Kardashian mansion.
We lived the life of the hipsters and went thrift shopping. ( I felt awkward and uncomfortable, but in the spirit of our main man macklemore being in town, we had to do him justice.)
And I should probably mention that I almost met Macklemore. Almost.

But best of all, I met the love of my life. Tanner Manscill.
I imagine it was some act of fate that brought the twitter homies together in the land of polygamy.
(that last part was unnecessary)
With a whopping 157 followers, tanner's twitter feed enchanted me. (too far?)
In reality it was a matter of time that we ran into each other.
I admire the kid's wit and charm.
he admires the blog.




Yes, I have my first male reader, and its privileged to be the one and only Tanner Manscill.
I met him after one of the games and he embarrassedly admitted to avidly reading Miss Indypendent
(which sounds more and more gay the more times I say 'miss indypendent') but the fact that tanner the coolest guy EVER reads my blog. *sobs*

I soon admitted to having a One Direction twitter account which none of you saw coming.
And thats something I feel the need to explain.

I co own a twitter account, and I promised Tanner to give him a shout out, since the account is followed by over 200,000 thirteen year old professional fan girls. (I live the exciting life)
This account could very well come back to haunt me in a couple of years.
I see this happening 10 years from now:

Harry: Babe, did you ever have a One Direction twitter account when you were younger?

Indy: uhhhhh why

Harry: Because I was on your phone playing angry birds, and I got a notification from "@SwagmasterFromDoncaster81"







Indy: Soooo..... what level of angry birds you on?

None the less, a shout out is coming soon Tanner. Just be patient. Directioners are vicious humans and quite possibly the deadliest fan base out there. In due time my friend.

  So I feel like when the shout out happens, and 1D, and @TannerWinslow join forces, thats just a world domination waiting to happen. Tanner, you are a quality guy. shout out to you, baby.

The great thing about this picture is tanner looks like a demon, and I look socially unacceptable at all costs. Rock on, I guess.

In the end, St. George, the land of idk man, turned out to be one of the greatest trips of my young life.
if only becca lifted me on her shoulders and let me sneak in macklemore's trailer.

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