Your Mom

Mom, I wish all the time that we were a british family so I could call you mum.

But today I was making your movie, and realized how awesome you are.
Its hard because we fight a lot, and were best friends a lot, and I wish we did more of the laughing and talking part of being best friends. No other mom in the world is as cool as you. I really want you to know that.

I received a lot of your traits through out the years.
- We both cry at everything. (Thanks)
-We laugh at everything.
-Im competitive like you.
-I get mad at silly things like you.
-We appreciate little things like, when people ask good questions.

If only someday I could achieve the beauty you radiate.
I love you mom, more than you know.
Happy Birthday.

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  1. You really do have the coolest mom! She is one great lady! And so are you. Miss ya lots, hope you're doing good.


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